South Africa or Bust!

I feel naked without my phone–I keep reaching into my pocket to check the time or look for texts.  The weight of wearing a watch feels awkward and bulky.

My mom broke down when I hugged her goodbye at Seatac and I felt myself starting to tear up too.  A TSA agent happily watched inconspicuously as I tried to say as casually as possible to my parents “See you next year!”

I’m currently waiting in Denver for my connecting flight to Frankfurt where I will hopefully see my brother before he ships off to the Middle East next year. He’s been stationed at Mannheim since the beginning of the year.

My travel buddies are keeping me company and entertaining strangers as I try to take pictures of them perched here and there in the airport. 

At Denver and Seatac

The flight to Denver was amazing! Mt. Rainier was peaking through and had a little hat of clouds. The landscape was gorgeous and I am even more excited to escape into the mountains–what a perfect way to say goodbye to Washington. Next spring I hope to start mountaineering. The mountains looked sprinkled with powdered sugar and reminded me of muddy buddies with Lady D, Mama Bos and Koa.

I am feeling inspired and have been jotting down a lot in my journal . I drew a quick sketch of Mt. Rainier since my camera was tucked away.  I’m excited to start water coloring when I finally get to Lajuma…I think I’ve also gone overboard on books:

  1. Africa (A guide book)
  2. Into the Wild
  3. Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea
  4. The Wild Trees
  5. Blessed Unrest

Plenty of reading material for the next month…not including the Stats and Genetics text book and two other Robert Sapolsky books…

Anyways, plane is boarding to Frankfurt!

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2 Responses to South Africa or Bust!

  1. Hips Don't Lie says:

    Good luck! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures!

  2. Susan Wu says:

    It was very nice to hear from you, what long journey from Seattle to Makhado. I am glad we are fortune enough to have Tom at Johnnesburger to meet you and help you to the bus stop.
    Take lot of pictures and contact us often :-0
    We miss you and will continue pray for your protection and pray this be come to extraordinary learning experience.
    Love, Mom

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