In the trees with monkeys…

Straddling a wide branch and passing up trays to a student for his bushbaby project, we could hear and see trees bending and swaying under the weight of what we presumed to be Samangos. We were right! Out popped “Nelson” (the big male Samango of Ben’s group) from the dense canopy of the forest beneath the cliffs. He promptly sat down, spread his legs and surveyed us clumsy humans in his territory.

Up in the trees, vines and branches create dense networks you can easily follow without every touching the ground (assuming you are light and nimble like a monkey with superior gripping strength). Soon, the rest of the group was around us, crunching along and watching us curiously from a few branches away. Cat had followed us from the barn and she attempted to get at some but they were much quicker than her.

Down on the ground, the baboon troop was starting to make noise as juveniles played, babies squawked, and a large male was chasing another who sounded quite alarmed and terrified. There was a lot of grooming and fornication which seemed to arouse some voyeurs in the group.

On a roof, a juvenile baboon bothered and was chased by a female samango while the rest of the monkeys ignored the commotion. Soon the sun began to set and the monkeys all disappeared into the forest to their sleeping spots.

Its days like these that I remember where I am since out in the mountains you tend to forget.

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2 Responses to In the trees with monkeys…

  1. Michael Wu says:

    Good writing. Is Samango a subspcies of the Baboon family? how big are they? From your writing it doesnt seem that they are aggressive.

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