Climbing Waterfalls and All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go…

Perched precariously on tip toes with one hand wedged in a crack and the other with a death grip on some grass and roots, I’m starting to doubt whether climbing this waterfall was a good idea. Luckily, with a hand outstretched, the German pulls me up in one fluid moment as I catch my footing and the hard part is over.


With my “harem” of Barn boys, we headed down on a gloriously sunny day to the Big Waterfall on the southern farm Bergplaatz. Finding the path down to the bottom, we got lost and ended up scooting through the dirt and thickets before ending up further downstream than planned. A flash of blue caught my eye and it turned out to my waterbottle that I had dropped last December! Perfectly intact, Nalgene’s are awesome.

Following the river upstream, we end up at the pool below the waterfall and dove in. The original plan was to jump off the waterfall but discovered there were too many rocks and shallow parts for it to be safe. Instead, the German and I managed to clamber up as the rest followed the correct trail back to the top. Lying on the smooth red rocks, we sunbathed like lizards, drank beer, napped and read until the sun receded behind the trees.

This was the second waterfall we climbed this week! At the rock pools where we typically swim, you can follow the river upstream to another waterfall. I had climbed it back in November with John but this time there was more water so going down was more difficult. Everyone watched as the German and I made our way carefully down (the harder part!) with me getting semi-stuck towards the bottom only 1.5m up. With slippery rocks I was unsure as how to lower myself down. In the end, I hooked my arm around the German and hopped down as he made sure I wouldn’t slip. Later on, we all sunbathed to soothe our hangovers from the night before.

Monday: Town Day and a Goodbye party. A strange way to start the week. Theme? Rock n Roll/50s/something…dressy…ish. The boys with their fedoras and hats, the girls dolled up. Dancing to polka music (after getting sick of the Rock n Roll), jello shots, cigarettes and games–we Barn Folks know how to have a good time.

Soon it’s sunrise and just me and the German. Staying up all night–a first for me in Africa. We finally headed off to bed around 6AM before getting up around 10 to clean up the night’s mess.

One more week at Lajuma–I’m scared/excited/nervous to go.


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  1. Lewis says:

    Hi I read your reddit AMA and your blog is nifty so I’m going to add it to my blog app and read it from time to time.

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