Reminiscing and Musical Funks.

Going through old blog entries written while in Nigeria to edit and slowly post, I came across this (written in February on a train to Mannheim to visit my brother!):

One year ago, I was a flurry of emotions over leaving Lajuma for DRC. I was living in a house full of Dutch and German students who I had absolutely fallen in love with. Lajuma is most definitely the happiest and at peace I have ever been.

Since leaving in early summer 2011, I’ve managed to almost see everyone (with a few exceptions) that I’ve gotten close to since then—which is really lucky considering none of them live on the same continent as me. To those I haven’t seen, we FB chat or email every now and then. It’s been much easier, living in London to visit them as I did this past weekend. After meeting some researchers I would like to potentially work with in the future, I used mitfahr once again and headed to Cologne. After a night of dancing, Kolsch and live music, I left after a quick goodbye to Utrecht to see Anja, Demis and Marjolein. Unfortunately missed a few people but will hopefully make the circuit again before heading back to America before Thanksgiving.

So recently I’ve been in a musical funk, and have been listening to my Top 25…which naturally has brought on the reminiscing and looking at old photos (while I’m supposed to be grant writing) on the train. Each song reminds me distinctly of a different time and place:

September and October are filled with Lion King, Kate Nash’s “Foundation”, Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz’s “Lucky”, rock ballads and Vampire Weekend—reminding me of Beccy, Ben and Anja and Demis.

November and December are The Door’s and The Shins for John and his leopard sighting as well as Bob Marley—dancing with Venda students on Christmas.

And then January, more Shins and Bill Evan’s Trio on the sunny beaches of Mozambique.

February comes the more soft sounds and eclectics of Feist, Noir Desir, Cat Power and Eric Clapton with a special playlist devoted to sleeping outside beneath the stars – classical music and Amelie.

DRC was lonely, with a mesh of all these songs as I was pining for people gone home or left behind with the added addition of Lily Allen and The Mamas and The Papas.

Last summer was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros–I’ve come home.

Last fall was Adele and Amy Winehouse, Bonobo and Aphex Twins.

Sometimes listening to the music, I’m momentarily transported back.

Now I’m in a bit of a musical funk but will hopefully catch a groove in Nigeria. Ever since leaving Africa, my wanderlust has gotten worse; a frantic mess of frenzied energy with no output since most of the time I’m stuck in front of a computer. I miss rock climbing and falling. Sometimes, most times, feeling a bit bland. Losing all the heights of emotions, and stuck mainly with frustration. I need the movement, fresh air and peaceful quality that is lacking completely in London.

I need to get moving.

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2 Responses to Reminiscing and Musical Funks.

  1. I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting .

  2. Steven Olson says:

    I view something really interesting about your site so I saved to favorites .

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