Oh, The Places You’ll Go…

I have an inability to sit still. There are so many places to explore, food to try, and cultures to encounter; travel allows you to meet so many wonderfully diverse people for the exchanges of ideas. I’ve also been extremely fortunate to have met people who have helped me along the way while opening up new avenues to follow.

Having a huge appreciation for wildlife and nature, conservation is extremely important to me. One day, in addition to scientific research, I would love to be part of projects that work in local communities helping them create independent and sustainable living; this can be generated through learning what works in their environment and through general education. It is also important to teach hygiene and to help create ways to lower disease transmission.

After unexpectedly receiving an offer to start a PhD that will take me to Germany, I’ve decided to start this blog up again. The last 2 years are lacking extremely in posts but will (hopefully) be slowly updated from notes taken while in Nigeria, London and elsewhere.

Here are the places visited since Sept 2010:

  • Lajuma Research Center, South Africa (Sept 2010-March 2011) field assistant
    (check out their blog–the Primate and Predator Project)
  • Mozambique & Swaziland (January 2011) holiday
  • Iyema/Ndele, Democratic Republic of Congo (March 2011-June 2011) field assistant
  • Germany (June 2011) holiday
  • Seattle (June 2011-Sept 2011) HOME!!!
  • London (Sept 2011-Mar 2012) MRes at Roehampton in Primate Biology, Behaviour and Conservation
  • Nigeria (Mar 2012-May 2012) Master’s Research: Sociality, stress and parasites in olive baboons
  • London (May 2012-Nov 2012) Dissertation analysis and write-up
  • China (Sept 2012) Grandmother’s funeral
  • United States (Nov 2012-Oct 2014) unemployment, underemployment, chemicals and cubicles
  • China (Feb 2013) Meeting new family!
  • NEXT UP: Germany (Oct 2014-???)! PhD studying disease ecology in African great apes

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